Bodybuilding Spray Tan

Bodybuilders HAVE to call us to be scheduled. The solution is very limited and only available for events.

Call / Text/ WhatsApp +1-808-234-8808

We are are doing competition tans for clients who are staying in Waikiki. 

Pacific Sun Spray Tanning Waikiki proudly spray tans competitors for all Oahu Bodybuilding events! We do two separate tans and a touchup between day and night show at your hotel room in Waikiki. What used to need three sessions now only needs two with the newest, high-end solutions.

Your color should be done by professionals who have many years of experience! This is not a process to cut corners or save cost. Your color is judged, and we know how to get you to that preferred color and teach you how to take care of it.  Bikini, physique, and bodybuilders require different shades of darkness and shine. We will use as much solution needed to get you to that color in your 2 appointments. The first tan is before weigh in, 2nd tan is the early morning of the event.   Your tan should be your last preparation before check-in at the show.

Included with your package will be instructions and a check-off list to prepare for the competition, 2 tan sessions, a free touch-up kit, your spray tan artists personal cell to text any questions,  a touch-up (if needed) between day and night shows. We will also have Stage Glaze for sale for $15.00. Please follow preparation info. Healthy, hydrated skin is a must to achieve and sustain your perfect competition color.

Price is $200 (no taxes or hidden fees. (Cash/card/venmo)

Please call to do a phone consultation, schedule your tans and go over information. After your phone consultation, a $200 payment will be required that is non-refundable. We only take a small number of competitors to ensure that each person gets all the attention to detail that is needed. We are not available backstage since we are not affiliated with the event.

Preparation for Your Tan

1. Exfoliate, moisturize, and keep your skin hydrated everyday for two weeks before the event. Use a loofah and a hydration body wash when showering. Scrub entire body daily to exfoliate and promote circulation.

2. Be sure that if you are waxing that is done at least 5 days before the event. Sometimes waxing inflames skin and you will need time for the inflammation to calm. Shaving and nails must be done before the first coat.

3.  Day of first tan. Shower before first tan using loofah and a cleanser that has NO MOISTURIZERS

4. Have clean dry skin, no lotions, deodorant, makeup, or perfumes. There should be nothing that creates a barrier between your skin and the tan solution.

5. Bring loose-fitting COTTON, baggy, long sleeve shirt, pajama pants, and flip flops. The flip flops should be thong type that have the least coverage to change into after your tan.

6. You will not shower again until after the competition. So bring sheets and a pillowcase to protect the hotel linens. You will sleep in long sleeve shirt and pajama pants to protect you tan from skin on skin sweating. If any damage has been done to your tan from sleeping no worries! We will fix that the morning before the event at your final tanning session.

7. The morning of the event bring your competition a robe and the flip-flops. We will help you with touch-ups if needed.

8. Through-out the day of the event be sure that you don’t get anything on your tan that will affect its color like water, hairspray, cologne, and be sure they don’t spray you with Pam! Pam will make your tan run. Only use your glaze or green away on your skin.

Body Building Spray Tan

Photos below are given to us by our clients. Stingrey Classic, Ikaika, and Paradise Cup, Aloha Muscle,  bodybuilding competitions 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
— Tanned by Stephen, and Abby