All clients please read info below. Our instructions will ensure a long lasting tan.

All Bodies are Beautiful!

Exfoliation Procures Before Your Tan

BRIDES, military ball, white party, pageants, photo shoots AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS – It is recommended that you tan two days before any event, or at least 24 hours. That gives you time for the bronzer to be washed away and time for touch-ups if needed. Please call if you have any questions.

Before tan

1.Shower and scrub all deodorant, lotion, makeup, sunblock off body. Please use a basic cleanser (no salt scrub, Oil of Olay, micro bead, or super moisturizing cleanser. A basic soap, shampoo or oil free cleanser will work as long as you use a wash cloth and water to scrub away cleanser residue. **You will not be able to use cleansers after tan for 24 hours. So, please wash hair before tan if you can’t wait 24 hours to wash hair. 

     2. If getting manicure please do that before tan appointment. Spray      does affect nails. But getting a pedicure can affect tan.     

      3. Have baggy, cotton, clothes available for after tan.

      4. If sleeping in tan, please have pajama pants and long sleeve shirt.


Our spray tan tent ensures that no over spray gets onto your walls or floor. Entire appointment takes about 25 minutes.

How to dress for spray tan

First time getting a spray tan from us?
Follow these easy steps….

1. Let your tan artist know the occasion for your tan to help you with recommendations. If mobile, we bring a tent that ensures absolutely no over spray in your home.

2. Follow the exfoliation procedures to the left of this page before your tanning appointment. You will rinse the solution at the time set by your spray tan artist. Your skin still takes time to develop after rinse. Please take time for development! Do not make plans that involve sweating or tight clothes that rub skin for the first 18 hours of application to insure full even development of your tan.

3. For your spray tan session you may tan wear whatever you are comfortable with. We offer pasties and disposable strapless thongs, or you may go nude to have no tan lines.

4. After your tan, dry about 5 minutes, then get dressed in your loose clothing. Your spray tan artist will explain after care instructions and give you written instructions.

5. Stay away from water and sweating until your rinse time. Rinse time depends on solution and darkness chosen at time of tan, we will tell you when to rinse.

6. Enjoy your tan! For the best results always wait at least 18 hours for the tan to fully develop to go into ocean, chlorine, or do any heavy sweating.

All tans last around 6 to 10 depending on skin type and physical activity.


When can I get a massage?  Before tan is best,then oils must be washed away. Or 24 hours after tan with no oils and no scrubbing motion.

When can I wax? Only before spray tan, never after a spray tan.

Can I have plans to go out the evening of my tan? Yes…But..Remember that sweating and tight shoes and clothes will rub off tan before it is fully developed, so when you go out take it easy and wear loose clothing and flip flops.

After tanning session follow the written instructions that will be given to you at the time of your tan, All spray tans need 18 hours to fully develop, so wait until then to go into chlorine, ocean, wear tight clothing or do any heavy sweating.

Please plan on staying is a cool, dry environment before first shower. Everyone is different, and has different types of skin. If you have any issues or concerns, please ask us.

Spray Tans By Appointment Only

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